Chinese Children's Books

We have found that Chinese Children's Books are hard to find in America. Surprisingly, they are even difficult to find in China. Whenever I go back to China, I look for Chinese children's books. Usually, the types of books available are all "educational" books. They are cheap, flimsy, and have pictures of vegetables, fruits, numbers, basic characters and so on. Many have Chinese idioms, others try and teach poetry. It's better than nothing, but we haven't found very many stories. I love the abundance of fun children's stories in the west, and China just doesn't have that. We have found a few gems, and when we get around to posting reviews about them I'll link to them all here.

To see all posts with the label "Chinese Children's Books", click here; otherwise, here is a list of books we have reviewed:

Chinese Children's Books:

Chinese Children's Textbooks:

Places to buy Chinese children's books -- this site has one of the largest selections we have seen. Shipping is reasonable and they sometimes offer deals like free shipping over $50 for US customers.

Also don't forget that we are finding more and more books on amazon. Check the reviews for links to them!

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