About Me and this blog

I'm MiaoMiao (苗苗), a Chinese who grew up in China. I only came here to go to grad school but everything changed after I met the man of my life. I ended up staying here and started our little family. To this date, our family is not little any more with four cutest additions. 

My husband is an American named Sam who can speak Chinese. He also writes posts sometimes. You'd be very impressed with his Chinese. We try our best to speak Chinese at home in hope that our kids will pick up Chinese in little or no effort. It definitely helps when you set up a rule and you follow through with it. Both our older boys can speak somewhat fluent Chinese and know how to ask when they don't know how to say things in Chinese. Our youngest one is still a baby and hasn't started talking yet. The only thing that worries me all the time is that I worry they will never learn to read or write Chinese. So I started searching for things to help reading and writing Chinese. 

After a while of searching I gave up on looking for material to help writing. There are a lot of flash cards, practice papers that you can print out but the kind I want is very specific and I could not find it anywhere. I want to have a picture, English word, Chinese word, Chinese PinYin, and the actual Chinese character all on the same page along with practice square. So I decided to make my own practice sheets. Later on, I decided to make my blog more colorful and resourceful and include more things to it. 

I'm hoping to create a website that will have most of everything parents need to teach their kids Chinese. This will hopefully become a great resource full of tips and tools for teaching kids Chinese, full of fun things that kids will love that will teach them Chinese at the same time! Fun things that kids can do in their quiet time, etc.

Originally, I wrote most of the posts on this blog, but my husband started doing a lot of them eventually too. So it's both of us writing!


  1. Use Arch Chinese resources is my advice.

  2. Use Arch Chinese resources is my advice.

  3. Very nice blog! I hope in the future I can teach my children as creative as you are! ;)