Thursday, May 5, 2016

Stream Chinese and Taiwanese programing with Sling TV

Sling TV has advertised itself as a way for "cord-cutters" to take back TV. For many people, it's a legal, paid way to watch sports without subscribing to cable TV. Now, it's also a way to watch Chinese programming!

Sling TV offers a Mandarin package (on checkout the name changes to Great Wall TV)

They also offer a Taiwanese package.

Prices start at $15 a month for ~15 channels. That's a pretty good deal! There is also a promotion where you get a free Roku 2 if you prepay 4 months. Again, a pretty good deal! You can do a free trial for 7 days for either one.

You can broadcast these Chinese channels directly to your TV, not just your computer. Sling TV is compatible with Roku, amazon fire TV, apple TV, Windows, iOS, Chromecast, Xbox One, and androidTV.

As far as programming for the kids:

I tried a trial of the Mandarin package, and unfortunately it did not have any children's programming that I could find. Nonetheless, if you as a parent like watching Chinese TV, there is no doubt your kids would benefit and learn from being exposed to the stuff that you watch.

I also tried the Taiwanese packages. There are several different Taiwanese packages, and as far as I could tell the only TV channel that caters to children is 东森幼幼, which you can get on the Taiwanese Mega package ($25/month) and the EETV package ($15/month).

Bottom line:

It might not be the greatest deal if you just want children's programming, but sling TV offers a legal, easy way to stream Chinese televesion on your home TV.

Our kids watching a Chinese Kids cooking show 

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