Sunday, January 10, 2016

宝宝故事 podcast: Chinese "Baby Stories"

Podcast name: 宝宝故事 (Baby stories)
Podcast level: Chinese Immersion, Advanced (recommend for parents who speak Chinese)
Cost: Free
Description: This is a Malaysian podcast entirely in Mandarin Chinese made for young children. There are hundreds of episodes, and each episode is a story about 5-8 minutes long. Some are fairy tales, some educational nonfiction stories, and so on. All are pretty cute and fairly professional and accompanied by music. It's a great resource! If your kids are not very fluent, they might find it difficult to understand and get bored. This is probably a podcast suitable for kids of parents who also speak Chinese. Try letting your kids listen to it in the car and see how it goes!. I recommend listening to the same episode over and over again so your kids and have more of a chance of understanding.

For starters, I recommend trying out the episode about why elephants have big ears. It seems a bit more basic than some of the others and might be easier to understand. (It's called "趣味小百科》地上跑的12-为什么大象的耳朵特别大")

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