Saturday, September 12, 2015

Ipad app for Chinese numbers, shapes, colors -- 益智机器人 (robot puzzle)

App name: 益智机器人 (robot puzzle)
Developer: Xueli Shan
Cost: Free
Target Age range: 1-3 years old
Type of app: Chinese immersion
Language: Chinese
Our description: I spent a long time looking for a basic app that was simple but fun and would still teach our baby to count to 10 in Chinese. Surprisingly, it was harder than I thought, and this was the best thing I found. The app has 3 different sections, numbers, shapes, colors. You drag the numbers/shapes/colors into the robot and then the robot says it out loud. It's simple, but toddlers love this kind of thing. It's also very educational. This app taught our toddler his numbers 1-10 in Chinese. He doesn't even know them in English! Now that's great immersion!
Cons: Advertisements at the bottom, sometimes the audio could be more clear/crisp
The bottom line: This is a simple, free app that is good for toddlers learning numbers/shapes/colors. It has advertisements and isn't high tech or fancy, but worth a shot. We like it.
Our rating: 4/5

益智机器人 (robot puzzle)

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