Thursday, May 14, 2015

Who got eaten 谁被吃了 (Bilingual Chinese / English book)

App name: Who got eaten
Developer: Tinman Arts(Chengdu) Co.,Ltd
Cost: Free
Target Age range: 3-8 years old
Type of app: Chinese immersion
Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Our description: There are a lot of bilingual English / Chinese book apps on the market. Many of them are free, and they are of varying quality. They generally all follow the same pattern, with a menu that lets you choose English or Chinese narration. You can autoplay or read yourself. They are pretty spiffy. The only feature missing from all these books (this app included) is the ability to touch the words and here narration of words you touch, which is a common feature in US apps such as the Dr. Dr. Seuss books.

Many of these English / Chinese story apps we've seen previously are Chinese takes on American fairy tales. They can be fun because we are familiar with the stories, but they can also be weird because they aren't quite the same as the versions we're used to. This story is a wonderful breath of fresh air. It's a story about animals eating animals, illustrating how the food chain works. We think it's very educational, and it's fun because the story periodically stops and has sticker activities.

Cons: The opening has lots of advertisements to other Tinman apps
The bottom line: This is one of the more interesting English / Chinese story apps we've seen. It's even educational and teaches about the food chain.
Our rating: 5/5

The menu of Who got eaten

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