Saturday, May 23, 2015

Play "Spot It" in Chinese to learn colors, shapes, & numbers

"Spot It" is one of our favorite children's games. There are several different versions of spot it, but we prefer the letters, shapes, and numbers version to play with our kids.

Spot it, numbers, shapes, colors

There are several ways to play, but no matter how you do it it's all about matching. We think it's fun because it's very fast paced. There are 31 cards, and every card has one number or shape that matches another number or shape on another card. They are also color specific. We put all the cards in the middle, and everyone gets one card. Then, if you find what matches on your card with the cards in the middle, you add that middle card to your own pile. You keep on playing until all the cards in the middle are gone, and whoever got the most wins.

This game is really easy to play in Chinese, and it's great for teaching colors, shapes, and numbers! Just make your kids say the match they found outloud in Chinese, and before you know it they will have mastered colors, numbers, and shapes.

Here is our kids playing it:

If you're new to Chinese, no problem! Here's the words you need to know to play this game:

Red 红色 Hóng sè
Yellow 黄色 huáng sè
Orange 橘色 (or 橙色) jú sè(chéng sè)
Green 绿色 lǜ sè
Blue 蓝色 lán sè
Purple 紫色 zǐ sè
Square 正方形 zhèngfāngxíng
Circle 圆形 yuán xíng
Triangle 三角形 sānjiǎoxíng
Rectangle 长方形 chángfāngxíng
One 一 yī
Two 二 Èr
Three 三 sān
Four 四 sì
Five 五 wǔ
Six 六 liù
Seven 七 qī
Eight 八 bā
Nine 九 jiǔ

What other games do you like to play in Chinese?


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