Thursday, April 9, 2015

Play Uno in Chinese

There are lots of games you probably already play with your kids that are easy to also do in Chinese. Uno is one of them. Uno is a great game because it teaches colors, numbers, and advanced concepts like skipping, reversing directions, and basic strategy. You will probably be surprised how easy it is to talk to your kids about Uno in Chinese and get everyone speaking in Chinese.

My kids playing Uno with their Chinese relatives
We are visiting family in China now, and we brought Uno. Our 5 year old son pulled it out and started explaining in Chinese to his extended family how to play. Within 20 minutes everyone was gathered around and having a great time playing. They had all never seen a children's game like this and all quickly caught on and joined in the fun.

For parents that don't speak much Chinese, here are the terms you need to know to play Uno in Chinese:

Yellow -- 黄色 huáng sè 
Red -- 红色 hóng sè 
Blue -- 蓝色 lán sè 
Green -- 绿色 lǜ sè 
Skip card -- 跳过卡 tiào guò kǎ
Reverse card --  回转卡 huí zhuǎi kǎ 
Wild Card -- 全能卡 quán néng kǎ 
Draw 2 cards -- 抓两张牌 zhuā liǎng zhāng pái 
Draw a card -- 抓一张牌 zhuā  yī zhāng pái 
Draw 4 cards -- 抓四张牌 zhuā sì zhāng pái 
It's your turn -- 轮到你 lún dào nǐ 
My turn -- 轮到我 lún dào wǒ 
I win -- 我赢了 wǒ yíng le
I lose -- 我输了wǒ shū le
Say Uno -- 说UNO shuō UNO

The following video is probably hard to follow, but I thought it was fun, showing my son directing everybody how to play UNO

If you don't have UNO, buy it here!

I hope you have fun playing with your kids! Let us know how it goes!

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