Monday, April 20, 2015

Chinese app for toddlers 动物小百科 -- little animal encyclopedia

We've found lots of great iPad apps recently, most of which are free, but we haven't gotten around to reviewing them. We're going to start using a more streamlined process to review apps, giving the same information for each app to help you in browsing apps and to help us write reviews faster. Time to get started!

App name: 动物小百科 Tinman Arts (little animal encyclopedia)
Developer: Tinman Arts(Chengdu) Co.,Ltd
Cost: Free
Target Age range: 1-4 years old
Type of app: Chinese immersion
Our description: This is a fantastic, cute little app. It's made for your toddler to click on the animals that they see, and each time they click on one there is a little mini story. For instance, you click on the duck, and the mini story is where you pick which set of feet belong to the duck. With every option, something cute happens. The drawings, music, and narration are all cute and made for babies. This makes it a great immersion app since it's one that your kids will actually have fun playing. They'll also be hearing lots of basic mandarin meant for babies and will learn by immersion lots of words for and about animals.
The bottom line: this is a free educational app you can give your baby / toddler / preK kid that they will actually love playing, and they will learn about animals in Chinese, too.
Our rating: 5/5

Scroll left and right to find more animals, press one to open up a story
Again, press an animal to open up a mini story
When you click on the duck you are asked which pair of feet belong to him

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