Monday, February 9, 2015

兔子和乌龟 (tortoise and the hare) Chinese Children's book

This book is the Chinese rendition of the classic story about the tortoise and the hare. It is similar to 小猴子, 追呀追, which we previously reviewed. It's from the same publisher, and they are both great books. The other story is more original, which we like, but it's also fun to have the classic stories like this one in Chinese. They are both great books that parents and kids will love reading.

Looking online, it's a shame this book is not easier to find. I'm not sure where in China my wife bought it. Here it is on

If anyone can find it in other places, please let me know! And a few screenshots.

兔子和乌龟 (tortoise and the hare) 

Find it at a library near you (so far only in singapore or Australia)

Actually... I did find it on Amazon for an exorbetan price...

兔子和乌龟 (tortoise and the hare)

Anyways, if you can find it, it's a good book.

Our Grade = A

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