Tuesday, January 27, 2015

熊出没 -- Boonie Bears Chinese cartoon

We just found another Chinese TV show that I really like. It's called Boonie Bears, in Chinese it's called 熊出没. It's sort of a slapstick comedy about 2 bears that try to stop a logger from chopping down trees. We watched three episodes today and I thought they were all pretty funny (this is the husband writing). It's way more entertaining for adults than something like qiaohu 巧虎. My kids (ages 3 and 4) still would prefer to watch qiaohu since they get a little scared with this show, but they certainly got some great laughs when the hunter (called 光头强) gets beat up. I think in time they will love it, they've just never watched very many slap stick comedy cartoons. [edit: my 4 year old now LOVES watching this show, even more than qiao hu!]

Every episode resolves the conflict, and they are only 13 minutes long, so even though there are a few scary parts it always ends happy. I think it's a very fun show, the animation is very good, and the Chinese is more advanced than qiaohu 巧虎. I think we'll build some good memories watching this together. It also improves my Chinese as a westerner, and the Chinese subtitles are good as well. It's a good show, check it out!

We give it an A.

Here's an episode with the playlist of all the shows. Has some English episodes in playlist.

Here's a different playlist, maybe a better one since it's only Chinese.

What do you think?


  1. I love Boonie Bears. Though I don't know anything about characters, I believe you may have gotten Logger Vick's epithet wrong. I think it's 光头强.

    I just made a video where I try to sing the intro song to Boonie Bears. Check it out at www.mandarinexperiment.com

    By the way, I will be linking to your website on my blog.

    1. You are right, my husband didn't proof read the post he wrote :-) I will correct it