Wednesday, June 11, 2014

iReading HD – 宝贝学汉字 -- The Best Chinese Flashcard App For Kids

There is absolutely not shortage of flashcard apps for kids to learn Chinese. The problem is that most of them aren't very good. And flashcards aren't really enough to learn Chinese very well, especially since kids aren't disciplined enough to use them. Nonetheless, this is by far and away the best flashcard app out there and it's totally free! It's made for Chinese kids, more proof that it's a great way to immerse your child in Chinese. There's over 200 characters in the pack.

Three different packs -- basic, medium, advanced, each with around 60 flashcards in them (all free)

It reads all the text to you, and when you touch the characters they get read again.

There's a fill in the blank game

Another game

Each character has a pencil button to practice writing. You can watch them draw it for you and then write it yourself

Pretty cool, huh! Download it!

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