Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2Kids Chinese -- An awesome app for kids

2Kids Chinese is one of the best apps we've ever seen to help kids learn Chinese. It seems like it was made for Chinese kids, which is one way you know it's good. There's lots of apps made for American kids and they are just too basic without enough features. This app has it all.

Download it on iTunes now! There's some free episodes you can try, and then in-app purchases to access the 50 or so other lessons they have. Total, it would cost you about $9 to get all the episodes. We think it's well worth it!

Here are some screen shots.

2kids Chinese only lets you do 1 lesson a day. Notice one of the pictures is grayed out. When you try and hit it, it tells the kid in Chinese to come back tomorrow to learn some more.

Each episode has a story with 6 new characters. The story is fun for kids and there's lots of games in each story to help learn the characters.

They are saying 石 and you have to pick the right one. Notice that all the characters look similar -- they make it harder to help the kids learn!

The narrator is saying 大地 and you fill in the blank

the narrator is saying a sentence and you put all the characters in the right place

There's also a sticker feature where you earn stickers for doing stuff... seems silly to me but it sure motivates the kids.

We think it's a fantastic app and well worth the money. Try it out for free! We get no money if you do... we just highly recommend it.


Check out our son reading Chinese with the app. It's definitely helped him a lot!

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