Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2Kids爱阅读 -- Another great Chinese app for kids

2Kids爱阅读 is another great app for kids to learn Chinese characters. It comes with a few free stories and you can pay $8 to unlock about 30 more. Each story has some animated story for the kids, 6 new characters to learn, and lots of games to practice each new character. Our kids and us both love it.

It's made by the same folks and is very similar to the last app we reviewed, 2kids chinese. Highly recommend them both!

There's different worlds with 6 stories in each world

Every time you get one right, the candy jar fills up. Notice how all the characters are similar to each other! You can tell they put a lot of thought into the game to not make it too easy and help the kids learn

Some games involve writing

You touch a character and it reads it to you. And then you have to do what it says and touch the right picture.

 I think it's well worth the $8. Our kids have gotten a lot of practice with Chinese characters. And all the audio is entirely in Chinese so in the very least it's great immersion. The more Chinese they can listen to, the better.

We think it's a fantastic app and well worth the money. Try it out for free! We get no money if you do... we just highly recommend it.

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