Friday, May 9, 2014

Six Chinese nursery rhymes and songs

While looking for Chinese nursery rhymes and songs to show our kids I realized there's a lot of terrible videos out there! Lots of them are just really really hard to understand. Hopefully me finding the good stuff for you all will help you out!

1. 两只老虎 -- Todays first video is a classic Chinese nursery rhyme. It's the same tune that is used in an English nursery rhyme so it will be familiar to you. It's called Two Tigers. This video is very good and your kids will love learning to sing it and watching it!

2. 拍手歌 -- This is the Chinese version of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands". It's good!

3. 我的好妈妈 -- This is an original Chinese nursery song called "My good mother"

4.  祝你生日快乐 -- Your kids are sure to like this Chinese version of "Happy Birthday to You" where it's a bears birthday

5. 上山打老虎 -- This is sort of a Chinese tongue twister about counting to five and squirrels and tigers. Kids will love it!

6. 粉刷匠 -- This is a classic classic Chinese nursery rhyme! I sang this all the time growing up and sing it to my kids now

What do you think of these videos? If any stop working... let me know and I'll look to find another version that works.

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