Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chinese Character Practice Sheet - I love my family

Family is the most important thing in our lives. We don't always have the same structured family, some families are big and some are small. The other day we were driving home from church and I asked my oldest son E how many people there were in our family. He counted and of course forgot about himself, he eventually told me "4!". We laughed at him a little and told him that he forgot about himself. He laughed too. It was cute to see him count again and this time he counted himself as the fifth person. We are a family of 5, with three little boys. The words we often hear at our house are "brother", "older brother" and "younger brother". In Chinese, the characters stand for older brother and younger brother are totally different. Same with the characters that stand for older sister and younger sister. See my practice sheet for the actual characters:

Click on the picture to download the PDF of the I Love My Family
Chinese character practice sheet

As with all of the practice sheets that I make, I found they work best if you put them inside a sheet protector. That way, your kids can practice over and over again with a dry erase marker. In no time at all, they will become competent at writing Chinese characters!


  1. Thanks so much for offering these free printables. My daughter is learning beginning Mandarin Chinese at her STEM school, which soon will become an international school, with students from China coming to live in dorms and going to school with her.